Project-Based Learning for Global Communicative Competence

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Fern Sakamoto, Atsumi Miyatani, Aichi Prefectural University

Communication in today’s global context is complex, and language learners nowadays need to be able to react and adapt appropriately and smoothly to negotiate meaning in a range of situations. This has pedagogical implications for language teachers. Where traditional language education focused on imparting knowledge, we now need to consider how to cultivate less tangible attitudes and abilities in students. The authors implemented a project-based learning (PBL) university course aimed at developing students’ global communicative competence through a collaborative project with local businesses. Students worked in teams to interview a business and create promotional articles in a variety of languages for different target audiences. The course culminated in a presentation session in which students presented their articles and the rationale behind their article concepts and contents to an audience of local business representatives. In this paper we outline the project and use student survey responses to examine its effectiveness in fostering global communicative competence.