Teacher Diaries: Aid to Introspection and Support for Novice Teachers

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Mina Westby, Nanzan University

As a novice university teacher, I wrote a teacher diary to identify the issues I faced and how I tried to solve them. Two years later, I formed a support group with 2 novice teachers. As a first step, the teachers wrote diary entries after each class. The next step involved sharing entries via email. The third step was an exchange of comments among the 3 of us. Later, during the semester, we met to discuss issues related to the entries and the functioning of the support group. At the conclusion of the semester, the novice teachers answered a questionnaire. Finally, we held a focus group meeting to discuss classroom issues, the effectiveness of diary writing, and the support group. This paper presents the classroom issues that arose and the advantages and disadvantages arising from the combination of teacher diaries and support groups.