What We Gain From ELT Professional Presentations

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Takaaki Hiratsuka, University of the Ryukyus

One common way in which ELT professionals engage in professional development is to attend academic presentations. It is not known, however, exactly what ELT professionals gain from these opportunities. This study was conducted in Japan and the data were collected from participants in presentations given by two eminent scholars in the field by using questionnaire and interview methods. The data indicate that, overall, the participants enjoyed a variety of benefits by attending the presentations (e.g., acquiring academic knowledge, reformulating their ideas on English teaching and learning, and improving their motivation). One particular trend that derived from the data, however, was that the participants addressed what they learned from the presentations from situated professional positions (e.g., as researchers and as graduate students). In conclusion, implications for the presenters, audiences, and organizers of ELT professional presentations are discussed.