Planning Activities and Freewriting

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Timothy Doe, Kwansei Gakuin University; Angel Figueroa, Kwansei Gakuin University

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Doe, T., & Figueroa, A. (2015). Planning activities and freewriting. In P. Clements, A. Krause, & H. Brown (Eds.), Focus on the learner. Tokyo: JALT.

Research shows that planning activities can enhance the complexity, accuracy, and fluency (CAF) of language that learners produce during language tasks. However, it remains unclear whether the modality of the planning task could impact CAF aspects of learner production. This study was undertaken to investigate whether the mode of planning had any influence on the CAF features of freewriting in beginner level English for academic purposes (EAP) writing classes. Students (N = 51) from 4 classes were separated into two groups. Over 1 semester, the first group participated in interactive speaking activities before freewriting; the second completed individual written planning activities. Students were given a pre- and posttest in addition to 5 in-class freewriting activities. Results indicated that both groups of students developed their writing abilities over the semester and that the mode of planning did not influence the quality of language that students produced.