L2 German Students’ Perceptions Regarding the Effectiveness of Collaborative Tasks

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Axel Harting, Hiroshima University

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Harting, A. (2016). L2 German students’ perceptions regarding the effectiveness of collaborative tasks. In P. Clements, A. Krause, & H. Brown (Eds.), Focus on the learner. Tokyo: JALT.

The aim of this paper is to investigate student opinion related to a pairwork collaborative task conducted in an L2-German course for 2nd-year students at Hiroshima University. Students were asked to give their opinions on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the three subtasks (a speaking, a writing, and a feedback activity) by means of a written questionnaire. Results suggest that the more difficult and less enjoyable a task was rated, the more benefit for L2 learning was attributed to it. In assessments it was noted that learners showed an improvement of their writing skills, an increased awareness for their L2 weaknesses, and an increase of their vocabulary.