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  • Linguistics Instruction for Japanese Junior High School Students - Mika Igarashi
  • The Effects of Communicative Language Teaching on Young Beginner Learners - Mika Igarashi
  • Barriers to Effective Team Teaching with ALTs - Akiko Kano
  • Pedagogical Teacher Training for ALTs in Japanese Public Schools - Nathaniel Reed
  • Introducing Freewriting to a Japanese High School English Class - Philip Head
  • Process Writing and Its Relevance to Japanese High School Students - Robert Andrews
  • CBI/CLIL for Elementary School English: Benefits and Tips • 小学校英語にCBI/CLILを:メリットとコツ - Nozomi Takano, Junko Kambara, Eiko Kedoin, Yoko Suzuki
  • Learner-Centered Cultural Understandings - Hugh Kirkwood
  • Commerce High School Students’ Interests in and Attitudes Towards English - J. Tyler Kinkade
  • Writing Outside the Box: Creativity in the EFL Classroom - Cory J. Koby