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Scott Bean, Eucharia Donnery, Paul Freeborn, Justin Harris, Jakub E. Marszalenko, Sayaka Morita, and Andrew Reimann
  • Literature and Language Learning in the EFL Classroom (Masayuki Teranishi, Yoshifumi Saito, and Katie Wales, Eds.) — Reviewed by Scott Bean
  • Where is Language? An Anthropologist’s Questions on Language, Literature and Performance (Ruth Finnegan) — Reviewed by Eucharia Donnery
  • Literature in Language Education, 2nd ed. (Geoff Hall) — Reviewed by Paul Freeborn
  • Contemporary Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia (Michael Thomas and Hayo Reinders, Eds.) — Reviewed by Justin Harris
  • Researching Translation and Interpreting (Claudia V. Angelelli and Brian James Baer, Eds.) — Reviewed by Jakub E. Marszalenko
  • Language for Specific Purposes (Sandra Gollin-Kies, David R. Hall, and Stephen H. Moore) — Reviewed by Sayaka Morita
  • Canadian English: A Sociolinguistic Perspective (James A. Walker) — Reviewed by Andrew Reimann