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Matthew T. Apple, James Crocker, Jim Ronald & Huw Davies, Rick Derrah, Mark Rebuck, Gregory Strong, and Blake Turnbull

The May 2016 issue brings reviews of titles from five different publishers on a range of topics from motivation and autonomy to critical thinking, EAP, curriculum design, and even one on Japanese linguistics. To open, Matthew T. Apple covers Ema Ushioda’s edited volume on motivation in a variety of international contexts. In the second review, James Crocker looks at how critical thinking is understood, taught, and constructed in disciplinary discourses. In collaboration with fellow JALT Learner Development SIG member Jim Ronald, Huw Davies examines how autonomy is viewed in context from a social dimension. Rick Derrah contributes a review of a title of interest to those involved in curriculum design. Mark Rebuck then tackles a comprehensive overview of Japanese linguistics with supplementary multimedia resources and online exercises provided by Cambridge University Press. Gregory Strong critiques de Chazal’s English for Academic Purposes. Blake Turnbull wraps up the book reviews with a look into translanguaging and the notion of a shift from language as a product to language as a practice in language education.