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Thomas Amundrud, Robert Andrews, John Eidswick, Peter Hourdequin, Harumi Kimura, Branden Kirchmeyer, and Adam Murray
  • Spoken Discourse (Rodney Jones) — Reviewed by Thomas Amundrud
  • Academic Writing Step by Step: A Research-Based Approach (Christopher N. Candlin, Peter Crompton, and Basil Hatim) — Reviewed by Robert Andrews
  • Input and Experience in Bilingual Development (Theres Grüter and Johanne Paradis, Eds.) — Reviewed by John Eidswick
  • Languages and Identities in a Transitional Japan: From Internationalization to Globalization (Ikuko Nakane, Emi Otsuji, and William S. Armour, Eds.) — Reviewed by Peter Hourdequin
  • Positive Psychology in SLA (Peter D. MacIntyre, Tammy Gregersen, and Sarah Mercer, Eds.) — Reviewed by Harumi Kimura
  • Beyond Repeat After Me: Teaching Pronunciation to English Learners (Marla Tritch Yoshida) — Reviewed by Branden Kirchmeyer
  • Exploring Listening Strategy Instruction Through Action Research (Joseph Siegel) — Reviewed by Adam Murray