Japanese Learners’ Consciousness Toward English: When Do They Begin to Like or Dislike English?

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Sumie Matsuno, Aichi Sangyo University College

This paper provides a review of research addressing when students begin to like or dislike English, when they obtain or lose their motivation for learning English, and the reasons associated with their preferences and motivation regarding the language. It also includes a discussion of the findings of a qualitative survey conducted by the author, which indicates that the first and the second grades of junior high school are probably serious turning points of their consciousness toward English. The second biggest turning point is probably the first half of the first grade of high school. Once they have difficulty in learning English and begin to hate English, their feelings continue, even at the university level. The reasons for students’ dislike of English are often related to their difficulty with the language. For example, studying English is to memorize sentences and words, and learning English grammar is very difficult.


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