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George Haikalis, Caroline Handley, Caroline Hutchinson, Christopher Pirotto, Joseph Poulshock, Dávid Smid, and Bill Snyder
  • LETs and NESTs: Voices, Views and Vignettes (Fiona Copland, Sue Garton, and Steve Mann, Eds.) — Reviewed by George Haikalis
  • Making and Using Word Lists for Language Learning and Testing (I. S. P. Nation) — Reviewed by Caroline Handley
  • Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching (Marion Williams, Sarah Mercer, and Stephen Ryan) — Reviewed by Caroline Hutchinson
  • Complexity in Classroom Foreign Language Learning Motivation: A Practitioner’s Perspective from Japan (Richard Sampson) — Reviewed by Christopher Pirotto
  • Educating Second Language Teachers (Donald Freeman) — Reviewed by Joseph Poulshock
  • Linguanomics: What Is the Market Potential of Multilingualism? (Gabrielle Hogan-Brun) — Reviewed by Dávid Smid
  • Reflective Practice as Professional Development: Experiences of Teachers of English in Japan (Atsuko Watanabe) — Reviewed by Bill Snyder
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