Narrative Frames as a Course Evaluation Instrument

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Takaaki Hiratsuka, Tohoku University

Narrative Frames as a Course Evaluation Instrument 

Takaaki Hiratsuka,

Tohoku University

Although getting student feedback on courses via questionnaires has been practiced for a long time, empirical studies on the topic are not substantial enough, nor are alternatives adequately considered. This study introduces and evaluates an alternative qualitative instrument known as narrative frames, which uses prompts to stimulate written feedback. In order to investigate its feasibility, I collected data from 26 Japanese university students in an English Teaching Methods course. Findings suggest that these narrative frames served as a useful tool for eliciting the students’ experiences in the course, their impressions of it, and its impact on them. These findings led me, as the instructor of the course, to be able to critically reflect on its content. Pedagogical and research implications for the future use of narrative frames are provided.