Outside the Box

Outside the Box/Off the Wall

This column provides researchers with a forum to present new ideas and fresh approaches. Working from the dictum that “small possible ideas come from large impossible ones”, this column encourages contributors to take risks and offer original, imaginative, and sometimes “unusual” proposals and ideas, such as:

  • A “dream research project” that was not practically or financially possible
  • “Paradigm shift” proposals, such as re-naming or re-positioning key concepts in the field
  • A “dream course” design, regardless of length, number of students, or resources available
  • A description of a graduate-level course the contributor wishes existed and could have taken
  • An analysis of a how a seminal thinker (deceased) might approach contemporary issues in the field
  • Description of a seminal text “everyone should read”
  • Description of a how a portion of a seminal text should be rewritten
  • A proposal that describes and explains a new education policy
  • Description of a “dream software program/application” (including statistics)
  • Description of a piece of technology