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Michael Carroll, Roderick E. Mitcham with Ellen Head, W. L. Quint Oga-Baldwin Jacob Schnickel, Aaron C. Sponseller, Aye Mar Thet and Myat Thinzar Tun, and Natsumi Wakamoto
  • Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia  (Theron Muller, John Adamson, Phillip Shigeo Brown, and Steven Herder, Eds.) — Reviewed by Michael Carroll
  • Motivational Dynamics in Language Learning (Zoltán Dӧrnyei, Peter MacIntyre, and Alastair Henry) — Reviewed by Roderick E. Mitcham
  • Experimental Research Methods in Language Learning (Aek Phakiti) — Reviewed by W. L. Quint Oga-Baldwin
  • Language Teaching Insights From Other Fields: Sports, Arts, Design and More (Christopher Stillwell) — Reviewed by Jacob Schnickel
  • Using Statistics in Small-Scale Language Education Research: Focus on Non-Parametric Data (Jean L. Turner) — Reviewed by Aaron C. Sponseller
  • Teaching Young Learners English From Theory to Practice (Joan Kang Shin and JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall) — Reviewed by Aye Mar Thet and Myat Thinzar Tun
  • The Strategy Factor in Successful Language Learning (Carol Griffiths) — Reviewed by Natsumi Wakamoto