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Annette Bradford, Brett Cumming, George Higginbotham, Anna Husson Isozaki, Garold Murray, Cecilia Silva, and Shawn R. White
  • International Education Policy in Japan in an Age of Globilisation and Risk (Robert W. Aspinall) — Reviewed by Annette Bradford
  • Collaborative Writing in L2 Classrooms (Neomy Storch) — Reviewed by Brett Cumming
  • Learning Vocabulary in Another Language (Paul Nation) — Reviewed by George Higginbotham
  • Identity and Language Learning: Extending the Conversation (Bonny Norton) — Reviewed by Anna Husson Isozaki
  • Multiple Perspectives on the Self in SLA (Sarah Mercer and Marion Williams, Eds.) — Reviewed by Garold Murray
  • The Handbook of Spanish Second Language Acquisition (Kimberly L. Geeslin, Ed.) — Reviewed by Cecilia Silva
  • Quality Assurance in Distance Education and E-learning: Challenges and Solutions From Asia (Insung Jung, Tat Meng Wong, and Tian Belawati, Eds.) — Reviewed by Shawn R. White