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Crystal Green, Harumi Kimura, Leigh McDowell, Jason Moser, Richard J. Sampson, and Vick Ssali and Umida Ashurova

In the first of our six book reviews, Crystal Green looks at an investigation into professional identity through the experiences of native Japanese teachers of English. In the second, Harumi Kimura reviews a book focused on refuting common misunderstandings about how people learn languages. Third, Leigh McDowell examines a model for curriculum design in language courses and programs. The next review, by Jason Moser, covers an edited collection of research studies into task-based language teaching in EFL contexts. Our fifth review comes from Richard J. Sampson, who reports on a range of studies into identity, motivation, and autonomy in language learning in an edited volume. Finally, Vick Ssali and Umida Ashurova join forces to review an edited work that exclusively addresses language learning outside the classroom.