Perspectives: The Impact of the New National Senior High School English Curriculum on Collaboration Between Japanese Teachers and Native Speakers

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Gregory Paul Glasgow, General Center for Education, Meikai University, Urayasu Campus


In this paper I discuss the impact of the Ministry of Education’s new national senior high school Course of Study for Foreign Languages on collaboration between Japanese teachers of English and native speakers of English. In consideration of the new curriculum’s request that classes be conducted in English and its reorganization of all English subjects, I draw upon frameworks in language-in-education policy and planning (Kaplan & Baldauf, 2003; Liddicoat, 2004) and highlight potential issues concerning its implementation at the local level.

本研究では文部科学省の新しい外国語学習のための指導要領が日本人教師と英語母語話者との間の連携に与える影響について議論する。新しいカリキュラムの全体目標と全英語科目の再構成に鑑み、本研究では教育における言語政策・計画の枠組み(Kaplan & Baldauf, 2003; Liddicoat, 2004)から現場レベルで実施する際に起こりうる問題を明らかにする。