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John Bankier, Carol Begg, Theodore Bonnah, Robert James Lowe, James Rock, and Colin Skeates

This issue features six book reviews. In the first one, John Bankier highlights a book of activities with universal appeal for teachers exploring professional development. In our second review, Carol Begg covers an edited collection of papers on can do statements and the application of the CEFR in Japanese contexts. The third review, by Theodore Bonnah, examines an edited title addressing how globalization impacts on how English is taught and used in Japan. Next, Robert James Lowe reviews a select collection of Michael Swan’s papers on language teaching methodology that have been published over the past 30 years. In the fifth review, James Rock reports on a longitudinal case study into foreign language learner self-concept. Colin Skeates closes out this section with another edited title, this one looking at diversity in teaching in Asian EFL contexts.