Research Forum: But I Don't Want to be Rude: On Learning How to Express Anger in the L2

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Mitsuyo Toya, University of the Rukyus; Mary Kodis, Valley High School

This research investigates pragmatic use of rudeness, focusing on use of rude
expressions as a result of anger, and contrasting native and non-native expression
of anger. Ten native speakers of English and 10 native speakers of Japanese
with advanced English proficiency were presented with five situations in which
anger was expected. During interviews, subjects were asked 1) how they would
feel in each situation, 2) how they would or would not express their emotions
verbally and/or non-verbally, and 3) why they would or would not express
themselves in those ways. In general, NSs were more expressive, however, the
difference in reactions was smaller than expected. Results confrrm that sources
for learning rudeness are limited for NNSs and that the learners have little
confidence in its use .