Perspectives: Content-Based Instruction in EFL Contexts: Considerations for Effective Implementation

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Yuko Goto Butler, University of Pennsylvania


Recently, there has been growing interest in content-based instruction (CBI) in foreign language education, particularly in English as a foreign language (EFL) education. However, there are a number of challenges for successful implementation of CBI in EFL contexts, and its implementation therefore needs to be carried out with careful consideration and preparation. Based on a review of previous studies as well as the author’s observation of various CBI classes in EFL contexts in East Asia, this paper identifies factors that influence the effectiveness of CBI including: (a) program setting and curriculum, (b) characteristics of teachers, (c) characteristics of learners, and (d) resource availability. The paper concludes with a series of suggestions for the successful implementation of CBI in EFL contexts, with particular emphasis on the implementation of CBI in East Asia.

近年、外国語としての英語教育環境下(EFL) で、コンテント・ベース教授法
(CBI)に対する関心が高まっている。しかし、EFLにCBIを導入するには解決すべき課題も多く、効果的な導入には、慎重な検討と周到な準備が不可欠である。本論文では、CBI に関する先行研究や、筆者自身の東アジア