Perspectives: Revisiting English Entrance Examinations at Japanese Universities after a Decade

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Keita Kikuchi, Nihon University

Since Brown and Yamashita (1995a, 1995b) criticized the high difficulty of reading passages and the discrete-point, passive nature of the university English language entrance examinations at 10 private and 10 prestigious public universities and one nationwide examination in 1994, no studies have been conducted to monitor changes in such exams. A decade later, the current study replicates Brown and Yamashita, and seeks to identify differences in entrance examinations at the same universities in 2004. Although some changes were found, the types of items, their variety, and the skills measured did not look substantially different. Reading passages still seemed very difficult and translation tasks were still often used in 2004. The present study calls for future studies to analyze entrance examinations at different universities or to be given to students of different major fields.

Brown and Yamashita (1995a, 1995b)により1993・1994年に実施された有名私立・
国公立大学各10校とセンター試験の入学試験問題における読解問題の難易度、細かい言語項目の使用や受動的である点に関して批判がされてからこれらの日本国内の大学英語入試問題の変化を調査する研究はされてこなかった。10年を経てこの研究では、Brown and Yamashitaの研究に基づき、2004年に実施された同じ大学の入試問題の