Article: 多肢選択式項目の項目形式が文法テストパフォーマンスに与える影響について - The Effects of Multiple-Choice Item Formats on Grammar Test Performance

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Item formats are a facet of testing that influences examinees’ test performance. In this study, six types of item formats were adopted, and 55 multiple-choice grammar items were developed and administered to 608 first-year university students for placement and diagnostic purposes. The research questions were: to what extent do items function for placement and diagnostic purposes, to what extent do item formats differ in terms of difficulty, to what extent do item formats contribute to the total score variance, and to what extent is the grammar test reliable. Based on the item analyses, most items functioned for placement and diagnostic purposes. FACETS analysis revealed that the six item formats differed in terms of difficulty. The generalizability study showed that 3% of the variance components was due to the item formats. The decision study indicated that the generalizability coefficient and dependability index were satisfactory for placement and diagnostic purposes. Based on the results, implications are discussed.