Writers' Workshop

Writers' Workshop

Welcome to the The Writers’ Workshop

This column is managed by a team comprised of members of the Peer Support Group (PSG). It is written on a collaborative basis by the members of the group. All of the members of the PSG are volunteers, most of whom have experience in the writing and publishing process. As a group, the PSG has a wealth of experience which we intend to share even more through this column. Publishing in academic journals is now, more than ever, essential for career advancement among TEFL educators in Japan, and one of the most arduous and perplexing periods of an author’s writing career is at the outset.

In The Writers’ Workshop, we will expound on topics that provide advice and support for novice writers, experienced writers, or nearly anyone who is looking to write for academic purposes (for example, need to publish in Japan, etc.) as well as other types of writing. 

The Peer Support Group

The PSG exists to assist new and experienced writers prepare their work for submission and publication. For more information, please visit our webpage: Writers' Peer Support Group or get in touch through the Contact Page.