Communicating with students through LINE

Jin Ha Woo, Hitotsubashi University

Quick guide

  • Keywords: Communication, SMS, educational technology
  • Learner English level: Any
  • Learner maturity: University
  • Preparation time: Less than 5 minutes
  • Activity time: 10 minutes
  • Materials: Smartphones, white board/chalk board or PowerPoint

Students frequently use LINE to communicate with their peers on a daily basis. Teachers can use this application to create a platform where students are encouraged to give feedback and ask questions. Using LINE will allow teachers to motivate students by providing individualized attention even with a large number of students. 


Step 1: Download the LINE Desktop Version and register for a user ID <>.

Step 2: Experiment with the LINE functions if you are a first time user.

Step 3: Create an alternative communication method for students without smartphones. Students may send a cell-phone email or fill-out a feedback worksheet.

Step 4: Brainstorm 2-3 questions that you want the students to answer in their LINE messages. Possible questions include:

What is one thing you learned in class this week?

What was your favorite activity? Why?

What is one thing you could improve on for future group discussions?

What grade do you think you deserve for the presentation? Why?

Please ask me a question or tell me about any difficulties you are having in class.

Please send me a sticker to show me how you feel right now.


Step 1: Write your questions on the white board/chalkboard (or PowerPoint).

Step 2: Ask students to search for your ID and add you to their friend list.

Step 3: Have students send you LINE messages responding to the questions. Allow students 10 minutes to send the messages, preferably at the end of class.

Step 4: Read through the student messages. Answer any questions and give advice on their difficulties. 

Step 5: Repeat every 1-2 weeks or after major assignments. 


Many students have difficulty asking questions and sharing their difficulties with their teachers. In response, LINE is a tool that has the potential to increase student-teacher communication and create an enjoyable classroom atmosphere.