New JALT Associate Members

Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc

Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc. provides an English media service “Nikkei Asian Review” for university teaching staffs as an information collection tool, as well as a teaching material in their classes and seminars.

Nikkei Asian Review is an English news media service Nikkei Inc. started in November 2013. This new media service is intended to disseminate deeply analyzed articles on national and regional policies, economics, markets, corporate trends, science technologies and cultures of Asian countries including Japan. The provided information is collected taking every advantage of Nikkei’s domestic and overseas news-gathering assets. The contents include Nikkei’s independently collected information, English translations of local articles, some 20,000 corporate data entries and live-action news, reporting the present situations in Japan and other Asian countries. You can easily access relevant information anytime and anywhere using the “multi-device media” from PC, mobile app and printable edition that is updated every Thursday.

Nikkei Asian Review aims to become the leading English language publication with global reach that helps students to develop their language skills and brings them insights from Asia, from the inside out.

Hello TALK

As an educator you know how important it is for students to regularly practice the language they’re learning. And finally, learning and practicing a new language is easier and more intuitive than ever. Introducing HelloTalk for iOS and Android devices, the language app where you can connect with native language speakers from around the world. HelloTalk isn’t a course the student strictly follows; rather, they progress at a pace that best meets the way they learn.

With HelloTalk, the student picks the language they want to learn—there are over 100 from which to select—and almost instantaneously they’ll be in touch with native speakers of that language; they’ll start learning and practicing immediately.

HelloTalk boasts a wide range of language learning and practicing features, all built around natural conversation with native speakers:

  • Translation, text to voice, voice to text, group chat for language class
  • Transliteration, grammar correction, flashcards, doodle draw
  • HelloTalk also has robust privacy and protection measures, including:
  • Teenage users only see and meet students of a similar age
  • Adult language users can’t see or find users under 18 years of age 

We invite you to explore everything the HelloTalk app has to offer—it’s completely FREE!