Gunma JALT, New AMs

A quiet JALT Notices column this month as the Board adjusts to the changes that have come about over the last few months. We introduce JALT's latest chapter, and two new Associate Members.

A letter from Saitama JALT

To our supporters across JALT, Saitama JALT (previously Omiya) thanks all of JALT for its support in our name change process.

Please take note of our new web site <>, as well as our new email contacts, starting with my own <> (please substitute the position in that address with publicity, program, treasurer, secretary, or membership to reach our other constitutional officers).

Thank you again for empowering us to better represent our members.


Matt Shannon, Saitama JALT President


New JALT Associate Members

Britannica Japan

Britannica Japan provides timely, relevant, and trustworthy information and instructional products used in schools, universities, homes, libraries, and workplaces.  

We’re deeply involved with schools, parents, and educators, designing products for 21st-century classroom environments. In a world where questionable information is rampant, we provide products that inspire confidence, with content people can trust. We do this, as we have for many years globally, by collaborating with experts, scholars, educators, instructional designers, and user-experience specialists; by subjecting their work to rigorous editorial review; and by combining it all into learning products that are useful, reliable, and enjoyable.

Many people know us as the publisher of those big multivolume encyclopedias. But we’re also much more than that today. We’ve changed and expanded. Britannica is online, in e-books, and on mobile devices. In addition, we provide an English program and teaching materials for kids aged 2-5 years old with early stage of English introduction in Japan.

  • Home class teachers at kindergartens or nursery schools can work on English with kids every day.
  • Songs with dances using many phrases currently used in the life of kindergartens or nursery schools.


  • ブリタニカ・ジャパン株式会社 Britannica Japan Co., Ltd.
  • 幼児英語事業部  EFL Pre-K Department
  • 03-5436-2712



Enrich your language programs with 2,500+ digital newspapers and magazines

PressReader gives students and teachers unlimited access to same-day worldwide newspapers and magazines through their personal tablets, laptops, and smartphones. PressReader solutions provide more than 2,500 full content publications for schools and classrooms.

Highlights of PressReader:

  • Wide selection of titles: Access to over 2,000 newspapers and magazines from 100 countries in 60 languages
  • Instant translation: Translate articles to up to 14 languages
  • On-demand audio: Have articles read to you
  • Variety of topics: Selection includes topics for research or reference, and for leisure reading to aid language education
  • Advanced search: Find articles across the entire catalogue with your set criteria
  • Convenient access: Go to <> or download the free mobile app for anywhere, anytime reading of downloaded publications 
  • Social sharing: Unlimited sharing of news stories on Facebook and Twitter

JALT members can receive a free one-month personal trial or a trial for their school. Please contact Mark Ritchie at <> to activate your PressReader trial or if you would like more information.