Introduce a Friend Campaign


JALT is very pleased to announce our “Introduce a Friend Campaign” membership campaign for 2013.

Last year’s 5-Year Membership Campaign was very successful in bringing in new members, increasing the number of 5-year members, and garnering attention for JALT2012 in Hamamatsu. We hope our campaign for this year will work out just as well.

In a nutshell, our idea is that recommending a new member will give you and the new member each a chance for a JALT2013 conference waiver.

 If you know someone who has never been a JALT member, or who has not been a member in the past five years and will thus be deemed “new”, please ask them to join JALT and you will both be eligible for a conference waiver! This could be the ideal time for you to introduce a friend to your local chapter, our panoply of SIGs, or issues of TLT and JALT Journal.

For each new member that you introduce to JALT you will get a chance to win a 3-day pass to our Kobe conference in October <>. We will award two conference waivers to the recommenders.

The new members will also get the opportunity to win one of two 3-day conference passes that have been reserved for new, recommended members.

The campaign will start on April 16 and finish on September 30 2013. The winners will be drawn from a hat at JCO by our president.

Entries should be made using one of these methods:

  • The online application form will have a space for new members to write down the name of the JALT member that recommended them.
  • The form that Membership Chairs use to inform JCO of members that join at an event will have a space for entry of the recommending member’s name.

Those that join by postal furikae will have to go to our website and fill in a form with the details of the new member and the introducer.

Here is the link: <>.

JCO will keep a record of the new members and the introducers throughout the campaign.

Each time you introduce a new member you will have an additional chance for one of the “Recommender Conference Waivers”. There are no restrictions on how many times your name can be entered into the drawing.



  • Increased membership opportunities for all chapters and SIGs.

  • A chance to bring former members back into the fold.

  • PR opportunities for all chapters and SIGs, as well as JALT.

  • The chance to experience the Kobe conference, October 25-28 2013, “Learning is a Lifelong Voyage”, at a very reasonable cost.


JALT2013 Plenary speakers

  • Penny Ur (Sponsored by Cambridge University Press)

  • Caroline Linse (Sponsored by JALT Junior)

  • Kristin Sherman (Sponsored by Oxford University Press)

  • Keith Folse (Sponsored by National Geographic Learning | Cengage Learning)


If you have any questions about this campaign, please don’t hesitate to ask Chie Kobayashi or Buzz Green at <>.