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Note: This is a free service offered by JALT to institutions looking for staff, but neither JALT, nor The Language Teacher, endorse any of the positions advertised on this site. Nor are we able to offer any further information or guidance on these positions. Please contact the institutions directly for further information.

We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan.


Assistant Language Teachers for Japanese public elementary, junior high schools are needed. We have full time and part time positions. 
 Working with Japanese teachers to create engaging English lessons.
 Motivating the students to speak English.
 Create an atmosphere to engage in English.

Full-time native-level English, Social Studies and Mathematics Teacher needed in Global School Course at Seirei Christopher Junior High School and High School

Elementary school teacher position at a private elementary girls' school. An opportunity to work with very passionate, intelligent, well motivated and smart little girls! 


Our ALTs are a part of elementary, junior high, and high school communities all across Japan. In your schools, you’ll work with Japanese teachers to facilitate smooth presentation of the school’s assigned English curriculum.