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Note: This is a free service offered by JALT to institutions looking for staff, but neither JALT, nor The Language Teacher, endorse any of the positions advertised on this site. Nor are we able to offer any further information or guidance on these positions. Please contact the institutions directly for further information.

Full-time academic writing instructor opening in our Undergraduate Program in Tokyo.




We're looking for an enthusiastic teacher to join our team. We are an all around school in downtown Kumamoto, teaching a wide range of students from young to old. We have a strong focus on quality education and helping our students achieve their goals.


We are seeking highly motivated educators to teach English at universities in Japan. This unique opportunity is for bright teachers eager to enrich their teaching skills while realizing the dream of exploring a foreign country. 


Teaching English to kids from 2 years old and above. Preparing quality lessons and activities for events such as Christmas and Halloween, etc. 


International Baccalaureate Chemistry + ESL Teacher


International Baccalaureate Economics + ESL teacher


International Baccalaureate Biology + ESL Teacher


International Baccalaureate Programme Theory of Knowledge + ESL lessons