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Note: This is a free service offered by JALT to institutions looking for staff, but neither JALT, nor The Language Teacher, endorse any of the positions advertised on this site. Nor are we able to offer any further information or guidance on these positions. Please contact the institutions directly for further information.

The Department of British and American Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies of Nanzan University announces the establishment of a search committee to fill one limited-term post for an ESL/EFL instructor.


This is an exciting position that will include: 

Selecting, planning and conducting lessons.
Monitoring student performance and reporting on student progress.
Performing demonstration lessons and level assessments for new or potential students.


1 職  名 准教授または専任講師(いずれの場合も任期なし)
2 人  員 1名
3 研究分野 英語教育学、英語学及び言語学関連分野のいずれか。
4 主要担当予定科目


English teachers needed to teach adult-level TOEIC, grammar, speaking, reading, and writing classes online and in person.


Kobe University's Institute for Promotion of Higher Education, the School of Languages and Communication (SOLAC), has an opening for a teacher of German as a Foreign Language who will help enrich the university's German education program. 


We are looking for passionate instructors who want to teach with a well known Eikaiwa (conversational school) chain all across Japan. The company is well established and provides great security if you are thinking of seeing what the Eikaiwa industry is like! 


Creating and teaching English lessons to young students at a prestigious Kindergarten. 


English language instruction (including private lessons) for elementary to junior high school students in English school education and English conversation classes. 


We are now recruiting instructors for the Spring 2021 term.


We are now recruiting instructors for the Spring 2021 term.


Elementary school teacher position at a private elementary girls' school. An opportunity to work with very passionate, intelligent, well motivated and smart little girls! 


The Cooperative Faculty of Education, Gunma University invites applications for the position of Professor or Associate Professor in English/Cross-cultural Communication at the Department of English. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in both Japanese and English.


Our ALTs are a part of elementary, junior high, and high school communities all across Japan. In your schools, you’ll work with Japanese teachers to facilitate smooth presentation of the school’s assigned English curriculum. 


A position with a well established chain of English conversation schools which has branches throughout Japan. They have a great training program for inexperienced teachers who are interested in starting a career in English Teaching here in Japan.


An exciting English Teaching position at an all-English after- school care and preschool with an opportunity to work in early childhood education with many skills to be earned for future career development. In addition to teaching, you will also learn about business, administration and operations.