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Note: This is a free service offered by JALT to institutions looking for staff, but neither JALT, nor The Language Teacher, endorse any of the positions advertised on this site. Nor are we able to offer any further information or guidance on these positions. Please contact the institutions directly for further information.

We are looking for an experienced customer success specialist for corporate clients. You will join a team to drive the adoption and growth of our business microlearning platform, with a focus on providing insights that will aid our sales team to attract and retain corporate clients.


Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Funabashi, Chiba area wanted!!


Looking for enthusiastic English Assistant Language Teachers for the 2022 school year.


A full-time teaching position at a private elementary school in Minoh, Osaka. Lessons to be taught include not only English but also Math, and/or Science, Music, and Social Studies as well as Homeroom duties. All lessons are taught in an English immersion style environment.


ISA is now hiring full-time teachers for our Global Competence Program (GCP). Positions are available in several regions throughout Japan starting April 1, 2022.


A reputable education provider is looking for energetic and proactive teachers to not only teach English language lessons but provide meaningful and active experiences with English through special activities, events, and everyday interactions. 


筑波大学助教(イギリス文化学) University of Tsukuba, Assistant Professor(British Culture)


九州工業大学 准教授(テニュアトラック 1名) Associate Professor(Tenure track)


1. Department: English Department
2. Number of positions: 1 position
3 Requirements: Candidates must satisfy requirements 1, 2, and 3 and either
Condition 1 or Condition 2


Job responsibilities include teaching 15 hours per week per semester spread across 5 days. Courses are generally assigned a standardized curriculum with required textbooks.


Children who join our school will experience a balance of traditional teacher-led activities alongside more progressive child-centered teaching methods. Our method is a cycle that starts with the introduction of a theme, followed by the creation of many paths for exploration of that theme.


Since its foundation in 1963, this company has consistently made efforts to contribute to English education, with the philosophy of promoting and improving practical English in Japan. This is one of the largest English language exam companies in Japan.


Paid travel costs | 6 weeks of annual leave | sponsored visa


A private JHS/SHS has voiced interest in kick starting a new Portuguese language course.