JALT2011 Plenary speaker article: What’s new in autonomy?

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Phil Benson, Hong Kong Institute of Education


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Phil Benson is a professor in the English Department at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, where he teaches on the department’s Ed.D and MATESOL programmes. He is also director of the Faculty of Languages Centre for Popular Culture and Education. He has published widely on the subject of autonomy, including the book Teaching and researching autonomy (Pearson, 2nd ed., 2011). His current research projects include a collaborative project on second language identities and study abroad with partners in Australia and New Zealand.


This article describes the process Phil Benson went through when writing the second edition of his Teaching and researching autonomy, whichincludes three new areas: sociocultural implications of autonomy, teacher autonomy, and autonomy and new technologies. It will whet our appetites for his plenary at JALT2011 on Autonomy in language teaching and learning: How to do it “here”where he will present a framework that teachers can use to evaluate constraints on autonomy in their workplaces and suggest a number of techniques that they can use to work within and around these constraints.

本論では、自著Teaching and Researching Autonomy(第2版)の執筆過程について述べ、3つの新領域、つまり、自律の社会文化面への示唆、教師の自律、自律と新しい技術について語る。これはJALT2011での著者の基調講演Autonomy in language teaching and learning: How to do it “here”への興味を喚起するものである。本講演では、教師が自分の現場での自律の制約を見直すための枠組みを示し、そのような制約の中で利用可能なテクニックを提案する