The effectiveness of pre- and post-shadowing in improving listening comprehension skills

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Yo Hamada, Akita University

This study examines the effectiveness of pre- and post-shadowing for the improvement of listening comprehension skills. Two groups of Japanese university freshmen participated in the experiments (Pre-shadowing group: 27 males, 5 females; Post-shadowing group: 5 males, 19 females). The instructor gave 8 lessons, and both groups used the same textbook. The pre-shadowing group learned new vocabulary and content for the target passage, and then engaged in shadowing training; Post-shadowing group started with shadowing training, and then exclusively learned new vocabulary and content. The results show that the post-shadowing group improved their listening comprehension skills. The results are discussed in terms of learners’ anxiety and attention, difficulty of the target passages, and the activation of prior knowledge.