Current trends in language testing education in Japan

Adam Murray, Yasuko Ito, Kazumi Kimura, Kahoko Matsumoto, Yuji Nakamura, & Atsuko Okada

This paper reports on the perspectives of textbook writers, teacher trainees and teacher trainers on the treatment of testing concepts in teacher education programs in Japan. Ten domestically published textbooks were examined to see what testing-related concepts are dealt with in comparison to their foreign counterparts. Most major concepts such as validity and reliability are covered. However, many textbooks fail to provide adequate explanations and hands-on practice of basic statistics. In addition to the textbook analysis, two surveys were administered. One was administered to teacher trainees enrolled in an English teacher-training workshop in order to learn more about their perceptions on testing. The second survey asked teacher trainers which testing concepts are covered in their courses and how much classroom time is allocated to them. Based on the findings from the textbook analysis and the survey results, the authors make recommendations about how testing concepts should be covered in teacher-training programs and textbooks.