Entrance Exam Essay Questions and Model Answers

Scott Gardner

Question 42: English Essay

Answer the following question in eight to ten lines. Provide examples.

If, as Lacan ventures, the Marquis de Sade is the other side of the same ethical coin as Immanuel Kant, what are the ramifications of this concept in deontological ethics?

Grovelization is a major issue in the world today. Our society does not grovel enough. Our schools and teachers try to make us “grovel citizens”, for example by showing us other cultures that look better than ours, and by teaching us new languages that we are ashamed to speak.

But groveling is really something we must learn on our own. One way is to make grovel friends. We can do this on the Internet by saying whatever we think will make people like us. When we make more friends, we are groveling.

Remember, think local, act grovel.


Section 4: English Essay

Read the question below and answer in the space provided.

What is plagiarism? What are its effects on academic thought?

I have often thought, “What is plagiarism? What are its effects on academic thought?” I consider these questions not because someone told me to, but out of real concern. For who steals my purse steals trash, and the robb’d that smiles steals something from the thief. 

I often tell my friends “Thou shalt not steal.” But sometimes there’s honor in the theft, and such a man might be a copy to these younger times, which, follow’d well, would demonstrate them now but goers backward. Go, borrow thee vessels abroad of all thy neighbours, even empty vessels; borrow not a few. 

Behold, I come as a thief in the night, and it shall be, when I sitteth upon the throne of my kingdom, that I shall write me a copy of this law in a book.


Part V: Essay

Read the question and respond in a short essay.

What’s the big deal? Why should you be expected to know? Is it really that important? What good will it do if you speak up? And who really cares anyway?

Every year many people suffer from whatever is going on. There is of course the ozone hall, which gives us dangerous leis from the sun. These leis are too violet for some people. They cause us to shed a lot of wet. Especially, bears which live in the Amtrak area are in danger.

And pollution. Comical materials float in lakes, seas, and livers. There are many forests that have no trees. Many spices of animals have died out. One example is bees. We need bees for our liveliness. On the other hand, bees don’t need us. They want to sting us. We must make peace with bees. All I am saying is, give bees a chance.

In concussion, we have to use less energy than possible. We must recycle empty cans, used pets, and so on. We must actively be active to make a better tomorrow for our children tomorrow.


Final Essay Question

Answer the following question as best you can in English.

Imagine you have been put on a committee to bring more tourism to your hometown. What are some ways you would consider attracting visitors?

If my corrupt city elders were to force me in this way to perpetuate their vicious capitalist cycle of exploitation and consumption, I would suggest putting the name of every city street up for sale to the highest commercial bidder, and positioning Hollywood-grade wind machines along each one, set to go off hourly and bestrew the sidewalks with coupons offering paltry discounts on their overpriced products. 

Another shameless propaganda device I would suggest is “continental roulette wheels” in major hotels throughout the city. Credulous customers spin the wheel hoping that it stops on their continent of origin, in which case they win travel discounts, shopping sprees, photo ops with the city mascot...or a small plastic keychain. Bells and streamers galore.

I would then move to another city.