The Language Teacher - Issue 35.1; January 2011

In this month’s issue . . .

As 2011 is upon us, the staff at TLT would like to take this opportunity to wish you a prosperous New Year. We hope 2011 will bring you much success and professional fulfillment. To help start you off this year, we have put together an issue packed with informative articles, lesson shares, interviews and book reviews.

There are two Feature articles in this edition. The first, by Peter Burden, addresses issues of the mechanization of teaching and evaluating at Japanese universities. The second, by Toshie Agawa et al., is a good complement to Burden’s as it examines the various factors which contribute to demotivation amongst Japanese students at the tertiary level.

In the Readers’ Forum section, Steve Fukuda and Naomi Hashimoto discuss how they promoted the development of a more democratic classroom by giving students the opportunity to take more control of their learning. David Penner takes an in-depth look at the numerous linguistic and contextual factors that make reading in English problematic for Japanese students. Mayumi Asaba and J. Paul Marlowe offer tips on using peer assessment in the language classroom and Daniel Dunkley reports on an interview he conducted with John Read about measuring student vocabulary.

The My Share column includes a piece by Azzedine Bencherab on pre-reading strategies. In addition, Darby McGrath provides advice on helping students with citations and references. Matthew Porter spices things up with his conversation lesson on hotel English, and Yukie Saito discusses using TOEIC Part 2 to help students with indirect speech acts. In Book Reviews, John Bankier looks at Reading Explorer 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Julian Pigott reviews English Firsthand 2, 4th edition.

We hope you enjoy what we have for you in this issue and that it will contribute to your professional development in meaningful ways!  All the best for the New Year.

Jennifer Yphantides, TLT Coeditor


今月号には2つの Feature が掲載されています。まず、Peter Burden が日本の大学における指導と評価の機械化の問題点について論じています。次に、Toshie Agawaが日本人大学生の学習意欲減退の様々な要因を調査しています。

Readers’ Forum では、Steve Fukuda とNaomi Hashimoto が、学生に学習をコントロールする機会を多く与えることで、より民主的な教室をいかに作り上げていったかついて論じます。David Penner が、日本人学生にとって英語読解の問題点となる数多くの言語学的、状況的要因を詳しく調べます。Mayumi Asaba と J. Paul Marlowe が、語学授業で学生による相互評価を用いる際のアドバイスをしています。Daniel Dunkley が、学生の語彙力測定についてJohn Read に行ったインタビューを報告しています。

My Share では、Azzedine Bencherab が、プレリーディング・ストラテジーについて述べています。さらに、Darby McGrath は、学生の引用文献と参考文献に関する助言をしています。Matthew Porter は、ホテル英語に関する会話の授業にスパイスを加えています。Yukie Saito は、学生の間接的発話行為の理解促進のためにTOEIC Part 2を使うことを論じています。Book Reviews には、John Bankier が Reading Explorer 1, 2, 3, 4 の書評を、Julian Pigott が English Firsthand 2 (4th edition) の書評を寄稿しています。


Jennifer Yphantides, TLT Coeditor

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