An Interview with Anne Burns

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Juhi Gupta, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Welcome to the latest edition of TLT interviews! We are happy to bring you an interview with Anne Burns, professor of TESOL at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and chair of the TESOL Research Standing Committee, among other distinguished positions. In addition to language teaching, she has worked extensively with refugees and migrants in Australia on government-funded programs to enable their transition into the society. Recently, she spent a few months teaching university students in Japan before giving a plenary speech at the JALT2016 conference in Nagoya. After her speech, she graciously spared some time to share her thoughts with Juhi Gupta, an EFL Lecturer at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies. Juhi has more than ten years of experience teaching English in Japan and is currently the co-programme chair and co-recording secretary of the Nagoya chapter. Her research interests include human resources training, instructional design and technology, and multilingualism. So without further ado, to the interview!