An Interview with Alastair Graham-Marr

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Jeff Wastila
Alastair Graham-Marr, a 28-year language-teaching veteran, is currently an associate professor at Tokyo University of Science and a director of ABAX Publishing. His research interests include the effect of language output on overall language accuracy and the effect of explicit instruction on listening proficiency. He has received a research grant to investigate “The effect of explicit instruction on the listening comprehension of learners from a mora-timed L1 background.” In addition, he has authored and edited many textbooks including Communication Spotlight, Academic Listening & Speaking, and Top-Up Listening. He has presented at conferences in many countries around the world, including Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Bosnia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and New Zealand. He was a Featured Speaker at the JALT2016 Conference. He was interviewed for TLT by Jeff Wastila, who also works at Tokyo University of Science. Jeff has been teaching in Japan for seven years and holds an MA in Education. His research interests focus on task-based learning, specifically the impact of team-based, team-assessed task-based learning and teaching in university classrooms in Japan. So without further ado, to the first interview!