Welcoming New JALT Associate Members

Welcoming New JALT Associate Members

JALT’s Associate Members (AMs) are an important part of our organisation. They support our events and conferences, and provide resources to JALT members. In this month’s column, we introduce two of our new AMs.


Seed Learning Inc.


Seed Learning Inc. was established to provide the best language learning products and services for developing our global human resources according to the needs of the 21st century.

The focus of our publications lies in the Four Strands Approach to well-balanced language development. Therefore, all of our publications incorporate meaning-focused input and output learning opportunities, language-focused practice, and intentional fluency development for well-balanced language learning. To fulfill our mission, world class scholars in the field of teaching English, well-experienced native authors, and diverse professional groups of English educators serve as consultants and writers for all our publications.

We are committed to providing publications and services to meet our customers’ needs in creating engaging and effective language learning programs.

As we continue to develop innovative educational materials and training services, Seed Learning will strive to lead the way in R & D and market-oriented business development targeting the best educational solutions for our clients.


Compass Publishing

At Compass Publishing, we create high quality English language teaching materials for all levels and ages of learners. Our materials include courses, reading, listening, speaking, writing, phonics, vocabulary, TOEIC, TOEFL, graded readers, and ESP materials. 

Our vision is based on supporting learners’ development of English competency to obtain a better quality of life.  Our materials equip students with the necessary English skills that will enable them to acquire the information and knowledge they need to communicate freely with English speakers from around the world. 

We also understand the needs of educators to have high-quality, easy-to-use, modern materials for their learners.  Our series come with various downloadable and digital supplemental materials to support both learners and educators.

Compass Publishing is happy to be an AM of JALT and invites those interested in our materials to contact us or our local distribution partners. Check out http://www.compasspub.com for product samples, information, and more.





コンパスパブリッシングは、JALT AMメンバーの一員になることを光栄なことと思っております。そして弊社の教材に興味を持っていただいた皆様が、弊社あるいは日本で弊社の出版物を取り扱う書店、取次店に今まで以上に連絡いただけることを願っております。弊社教材の内容の情報、サンプル請求等につきましては、http://www.compasspub.com をご覧ください。