Report on the 2021 JALT Membership Survey

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Melodie Cook, Past Director of Membership; Fred Carruth, Past Director of Membership; Emily Choong, Membership Liaison; Karmen Siew, Membership Committee

This report presents the results of a survey conducted by the JALT Membership Committee in 2021 for the purpose of discovering who our members are, how they engage with JALT, what they want from JALT, and how JALT can better serve them. Adapted from a previous, informal survey conducted in 2016, this 41-item questionnaire (see Appendix) was formulated by the Membership Committee under the supervision of the Board of Directors and made available via Google Forms for a period of one month after the June 2021 Executive Board Meeting. The respondents were 442 then-active JALT members (20% of the total membership at that time).