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Sue Brennan, Xin Chen, Alina Friel, Marc Jones, Brendan R. B. Plummer, Jonathan Shachter, Richmond Stroupe, Riya Kartha, Bill White, and Kam Yin Wu

This issue features nine reviews looking broadly at (a) professional development, teacher efficacy, and foreign female teacher identity; (b) teaching morphology, grammar, and in online contexts; and (c) the research into motivation and silence. Sue Brennan begins by exploring language teacher efficacy in Japan from a book of that very title. Second, Xin Chen reviews Bauer and Nation’s overview on teaching English morphology. Next, Alina Friel relates personal experiences in her summary of a collection of narratives from foreign female English teachers published by Candlin & Mynard. Marc Jones then critiques a guide to professional development for early-career faculty. Brendan R. B. Plummer covers a title on motivation by Dörnyei in the new Innovations and Challenges in Applied Linguistics series from Routledge and edited by Ken Hyland. Jonathan Shachter lends his voice to an edited volume on silence in language education. Quite fittingly, Richmond Stroupe and junior colleague Riya Kartha collaborate to synthesize the common themes found in a multi-chaptered anthology titled Professionalizing Your English Language TeachingBill White offers a timely summary of a book focused on developing online language teaching with blended learning and flipped classrooms. And, finally, Kam Yin Wu presents insights on an accessible guide to linguistics for language teachers based on Virtual Grammar.