Director’s Chair

Deepti Mishiro

Quick Guide

  • Keywords: Speaking, imaginative, creative thinking
  • Learner English level: Intermediate
  • Learner maturity: University 
  • Preparation time:  30 minutes
  • Activity time:  2 classes
  • Materials:  Movie poster slide, digital device, worksheet printout  

Movies are an excellent way to spark a discussion among students. They are a brilliant tool to enhance students’ vocabulary, creativity, and boost cooperation. This activity enables students to work in teams and create a movie plot using set guidelines. It aims to foster teamwork and the organisational skills of students in order to formulate and present their ideas for an interesting movie plot as a director. In addition, it gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their technological skills. 


Choose a movie poster slide that is popular among university students to elicit answers for the worksheet (Part I in the Appendix). Print out the worksheet (Part II in the Appendix) for each student to create their movie plot. 



Step 1: Elicit answers from the students for the questions in Part I of the worksheet.

Step 2: Ask students to work in groups of three and tell them to discuss what movie genre they would like to use for this activity.

Step 3: Tell students that they will create a movie plot as directors and make their movie poster slide using their device. Finally, they will present their movie poster slide to their classmates. 

Step 4: Ask students to use Part II of the worksheet to create their movie plot and to feel free to make it interesting. It might be better to model a popular movie poster and set expectations. For example, “This movie takes place in . . .”, “It is a story about a (main character) who wants to . . . but  . . .”, “So, (main character) decides to  . . .”, “An action sci-fi that will leave you wanting more. Entertaining and full of action . . .”

Step 5: Remind students that their movie poster should communicate key information about the plot in a way that persuades their classmates to want to know more. Give students 15 minutes to brainstorm and write their ideas on the worksheet.   

Step 6: Next, once they are ready with their plots on paper, assign 15–20 minutes to the students to create their poster slide on their choice of website or on the website recommended in the reference below.

Step 7: Once students’ movie slides are completed, ask them to decide who will talk about each part of their movie plot when presenting their poster. Give them five minutes to practice.

Step 8: Each group takes turns to pitch their movie plot as a director.  Once all groups have presented their movie plot, ask them to reflect and give feedback as to what went well and what needs to be improved on each other’s movie plots.

Step 9: Finally, ask students to vote for the best movie plot, giving reasons.



Students can make a movie poster of their favorite book and come up with a tagline. This will foster enthusiasm for reading and enhance their skills of identifying key information in order to be able to create a poster. 



Students can come up with excellent ideas when given the opportunity. This activity makes the language learning process entertaining and enjoyable. It allows students to use their imagination in order to come up with a unique and interesting movie plot. Additionally, it provides students the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates on a technological platform.



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The original appendix is available below: