Greetings from the Code of Conduct (CoC)  and Diversity and Equity Practices (DEP) Committees!

Jackson Lee, Quenby Hoffman Aoki, Thomas Armundrud (DEP); Brent Simmonds, Ellie Smith (CoC)

We are two separate committees within JALT committed to improving equity within our organization. We have distinct missions, but our topics overlap: both committees aim to make JALT more safe, inclusive, and welcoming.

Code of Conduct Committee

The CoC exists to ensure JALT is a safe, equitable, respectful, and harmonious environment for everyone, both online and in person. Our purpose is to promote and maintain this atmosphere and to ensure that all current and future members feel welcome and accepted in all JALT-related capacities. We are currently focused on raising awareness of what constitutes harassment, and of the CoC complaints procedure, through local and national workshops and presentations. We hope to continue building trust between ourselves and the membership, and minimize the fear that surrounds making official complaints. We welcome interested members to join us, to diversify our perspectives, and to ensure we serve the organization as best as we can. Contact us at

Diversity and Equity Practices Committee

The DEP works to ensure JALT welcomes all forms of diversity (including, but not limited to, gender, native language, national origin, and teaching context) through education, communication, and action. Our goal is to help improve the equity and representation of all JALT organizations, as well as to support JALT members to make positive changes in the field of ELT. We welcome all chapter and SIG officers, and all other members of JALT, to come to us with any questions, comments, or concerns. Contact us at