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Books for Students (reviews published in TLT)

  • Contact: Julie Kimura —
  • ELT Training Library — Language fuel. [This library of interactive training courses is for novice teachers. Topics covered include pedagogy, classroom management, and intercultural awareness.]
  • ! In hot water: Stories of surprise, adventure, and (mis)communication in Japan (2nd ed.) — Shea, D. P. Perceptia Press, 2020. [A collection of 26 short stories along with discussion questions and activities that introduce cross-cultural views of life in Japan.]
  • * Japanese English: A descriptive grammar — Olagboyega, K. Shumpusha Publishing, 2020. [This book is a descriptive guide to English as it is used in Japan. The author begins with an introductory overview of English in Japan, and continues with descriptions of grammar and vocabulary as they are used by Japanese users of English.]
  • ! Linguistic soup: Recipes for success — Caraker, R. Perceptia Press, 2020. [A seven-unit applied linguistics coursebook written for English as a second language classes. The text integrates the content of teaching methodology with language acquisition theories.]
  • Longman preparation series for the TOEIC®️ test: Intermediate course (6th ed.) — Lougheed, L. Pearson, 2018. [This new edition is suitable for students at the B1-B2 CEFR levels and includes three practice tests, over 1000 practice items, as well as test taking, grammar, and vocabulary tips.]
  • Pocket readers — The following are edited by A. Boon. Halico Creative Education, 2019. [“Good grades are not enough. To be successful in life, students need to learn how to deal with real-world problems.” This series provides learners with advice, skills, and strategies to deal with problems they encounter in life.]
    • Ten ways to be assertive — Ito, L.
    • Ten ways to be healthy — Takeuchi, C.
    • Ten ways to be productive — Boon, A.
    • Ten ways to be successful in love — Ito, L.
    • Ten ways to manage money — Boon, A.
  • Ready to present: A guide to better presentations — Bartelen, H., & Kostiuk, M. Cengage, 2019. [This text was written to help learners develop skills needed to create content and deliver it. The teachers’ manual includes answer keys, teaching tips, supplementary comprehension questions. Students have online access to classroom audio and video.]
  • ! Writing a graduation thesis in English: Creating a strong epistemic argument — Smiley, J. Perceptia Press, 2019. [This book helps students prepare for the main task of their academic careers. Students will develop an understanding of argumentation and develop a robust relationship between themselves and knowledge. The teacher’s guide is available through the publisher’s website.]


Books for Teachers (reviews published in JALT Journal)

Contact: Greg Rouault ­—

  • * Interaction, feedback and task research in second language learning: Methods and design — Mackey, A. Routledge, 2020.
  • * Teaching listening and speaking in second and foreign language contexts — Bailey, K. M. Bloomsbury Academic, 2020.