JALT NEC and Director of Public Relations Election 2019, 2019 JALT Research Grant Proposal Application Period


JALT NEC and Director of Public Relations Election 2019

Dear JALT members,

On behalf of the NPO JALT Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC), I am happy to announce that following the 2019 elections, Marybeth Kamibeppu was elected as NEC Chair Designate, and Jeffrey Martin and Chris Pirotto were elected as NEC Chair Alternates. William Pellowe was elected as Director of Public Relations. Please see below for a summary of the results.

I would like to remind you that these election results are subject to the approval of the NPO JALT Ordinary General Meeting (OGM). An email with the OGM absentee ballot will be sent to each JALT member shortly.

Thank you very much for your participation in the elections.

Respectfully submitted,

Oana Cusen, NPO JALT Nominations and Elections Committee Chair <nec@jalt.org>

Total number of votes cast: 650

For NEC Chair Designate

  • Number of votes cast 629
  • Necessary for election (majority) 316
  • Marybeth Kamibeppu 471
  • Jeffrey Martin 82
  • Chris Pirotto 69
  • Other 7
  • (Jeffrey Martin and Chris Pirotto will serve as NEC Chair Alternates)

For Director Of Public Relations

  • Number of votes cast 636
  • Necessary for election (majority) 319
  • William Pellowe 494
  • Prateek Sharma 139
  • Other 3

2019 JALT Research Grant Proposal Application Period: June 1 to September 30

Each year, JALT awards up to three grants for a maximum of ¥100,000 each for research on language teaching in Japan. Only JALT members who have no outside funding sources to conduct research are eligible to apply. The goal of the grants is to support language teachers in their professional development and to encourage teachers to engage in classroom-based research. Grant applications are collected each summer and vetted by the JALT Research Grants Committee. Winners of the grants receive funding before the start of the following school year during which they conduct their studies, provide quarterly reports, and receive guidance from the committee. Following the completion of the research, winners are invited to give presentations on their projects at the JALT international conference and to publish a paper in The Language Teacher. The deadline for proposals for projects starting in the 2020 school year is September 30, 2019.

Details and application can be found on the JALT Research Grants website: