New JALT AMs: Tanuki Games and Pocket Passport

Introducing our newest JALT Associate Members:

Tanuki Games

Tanuki Games makes modern card and board games designed with the classroom in mind. Planned from the bottom up to be engaging, communicative and fun, our games are excellent classroom activities that will motivate students to become more confident language users. Tanuki Games uses modern board game design principles combined with classic classroom activities and pedagogic best practices to create games that provide high-quality learning experiences.

Our company launched earlier this year with three games. Golden Week is a set-building card game in which teams compete to plan the best possible holiday. Yabai is a fast-paced communication game in which students exchange information and resources to beat the clock. So Says Japan is a game of questions and statistics in which students guess the answers to survey questions and score points by choosing the correct answer.

Want to hear more, play our games or just talk games and education? Please come down to our table anytime during the conference. We have some exciting new games and editions! Visit for more information and free stuff.

Finally, if you bought our games at PanSIG earlier this year, please come down and say hi. We’d love to hear from you!

Tanuki Gamesは英語の授業のために特別にデザインされた新しいゲームです。ゲームを通し、楽しくコミュニケーションを図る中で、生徒の英語に対する自信が向上するように設計されています。Tanuki Gamesでは古典的な教室活動に限らず、教育学的ベストプラクティスをも組み合わせた近代的なゲームの設計方針を用いています。詳細はhttp://tanukigames.orgをご覧下さい。

Pocket Passport

The sexiest, most sophisticated, intuitive, fun and effective all-in-one software platform in the ESL/EFL industry. Give your students cultural IQ and a passion for learning English. Pocket Passport is a blended set of tools and resources.

Save heaps of time planning lessons, marking assignments, inputting results, creating reports, evaluating and scheduling (just to name a few). University, elementary, junior and senior high school teachers: mention this introduction and enjoy it all for FREE for a year (Good through the end of December 2018).

Our materials include a comprehensive library of over 3000 beautifully illustrated digital and printable flashcards, perfect for vocabulary building and storyboarding. Our storyboard sets are powerful tools to teach life lessons, diversity and inclusion, customs and taboos and a lot more.

In addition to material that we develop in-house, we are always looking to partner with independent publishers, distributors and content creators.








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