The Language Teacher - Issue 34.1; January 2010

Volume: 34
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: January 2010
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The Language Teacher

Feature Article: The Socratic trap: A strategic snare that EFL teachers should sidestep
by Mark de Boer

Feature Article: University accreditation in Japan: Problems and possibilities for reforming EFL education
by Bern Mulvey

Reader's Forum: Considerations for activity and task selection in Japanese elementary school English communication lessons
by Richard J. Sampson

Reader's Forum: Using Photo News materials in the EFL classroom
by Ken Schmidt

Reader's Forum: “We might get talked about, but no one ever shows us.” Talking about Privilege with artist Gary McLeod
by Thomas Amundrud

Book Reviews

Write on Task 2
by Matthew Wallace, Kanto International High School

Chapter Reports

Chapter Reports - January 2010

JALT Focus

Volunteering for JALT
by Marcos Benevides

Career Development Corner

From Japan to the United Arab Emirates
by Ben Lehtinen

My Share

Getting it off your chest
by Mark Rebuck, Nagoya City University

Creating student dialog animations
by Sylvan Payne, International Christian University


Minding your p’s and q’s: qroofreading for The Language Teacher
by Paul Evans, Proofreading Coordinator & Trainer for The Language Teacher

Education beyond the classroom
by Kip Cates, JALT Global Issues SIG Chair, Tottori University

SIG Focus

SIG News - January 2010

TLT Wired

Elgg: Social networking for language students
by Malcolm Swanson, Seinan Jo Gakuin University

Old Grammarians

Works of art that need work
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Member’s Profile: Michael D. Post

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