The Language Teacher - Issue 33.7; July 2009

Volume: 33
Issue No. 7
Date of publication: July 2009
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JALT2009 Pre-Conference Special Issue

Plenary Speaker

  • Perspective taking - by Christina Pearson Casanave
  • The dialectics of instructed second language development - by James P. Lantolf
  • Globalization and English language teaching: Opportunities and challenges in Japan - by Aya Matsuda
  • Languaging and second/foreign language learning - by Merrill Swain
  • Seven ways of looking at grammar: One way of looking at grammar-as "Grammar McNuggets" - by Scott Thornbury

Featured Speaker

  • Building students'confidence through simple, step-by-step activities - by Angela Buckingham
  • Extensive reading or intensive reading: Two sides of the same coin? - by Miles Craven
  • Introducing corpora into the language classroom - by Nicholas Groom
  • A global view from your classroom window - by Kristin L. Johannsen
  • Functional literacy and contextual learning theories applied to English language learning - by April Alcazar
  • Design, Zen, & the art of presenting naked - by Garr Reynolds
  • Business English and TOEIC®: Similar goals, similar methodologies - by Andrew Trew


The Language Teacher

JALT2009 Pre-Conference Special Issue Plenary Speaker articles
by Christina Pearson Casanave, James P. Lantolf, Aya Matsuda, Merrill Swain, and Scott Thornbury

JALT2009 Pre-Conference Special Issue Featured Speaker articles
by Angela Buckingham, Miles Craven, Nicholas Groom, Kristin L. Johannsen, April Alcazar, Garr Reynolds, and Andrew Trew

Book Reviews

Reading for Speed and Fluency 1
by Andrew Atkins, Kyoto Sangyo University

Career Development Corner

Judging job applicants by their cover letters
by James McCrostie

My Share

Telling tales: Student-centred narratives and peer-assessment
by Jon Mitchell, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Five-Star Groove
by Gordon Reid, Kansai Gaidai University


Geoffrey Leech comes to Kusatsu
by Hideto D. Harashima, Co-president, JALT Gunma Chapter

Old Grammarians

Battlestar Grammatica: Episode SVC
by Scott Gardner

Showcase & Member's Profile

Member’s Profile: Steven Herder

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