The Language Teacher - Issue 32.5; May 2008

Volume: 32
Issue No. 5
Date of publication: May 2008
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Feature Article

  • Narratives-in-interaction: Discursive identity work of preservice Japanese teachers of English - by Brian Rugen

Readers' Forum

  • Interview with Jack Stenner: Matching readers with texts - by James Sick
  • Effectiveness of project-based learning in an intensive TEFL course in Japan - by Haruyo Yoshida

My Share

  • Enhancing classroom experience through a class blog - by Stephen Pihlaja
  • Learning about rice around the world - by Junko Matsuzaki Carreira
  • A lesson plan for using the Oscar-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth - by Simon Robinson

Book Reviews

  • 英語で言ってみるMy Life - Reviewed by Jillian Schlischer
  • Dynamic Presentations - Reviewed by Dale Brown


  • Using MS Word's endnote and outline features to aid Japanese vocabulary study - by Ken Schmidt


  • Terumi Miyazoe - withDamian Rivers


  • JALTCALL SIG 2008 Annual Conference - by Michael Thomas
  • 1st JACET/JALT Joint Regional Conference coming soon in June - by Suzanne Bonn

Job Information Center

  • Reeling in the Years - by Joseph Tomei

Old Grammarians

  • Kill or be Killed(aka die or be dead) - by Scott Gardner


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