The Language Teacher - Issue 31.11; November 2007

Volume: 31
Issue No. 11
Date of publication: November 2007
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Feature Article

  • An analysis of peer assessment in EFL college oral presentation classrooms - by Junko Otoshi & Neil Heffernan

Readers' Forum

  • Free-writing as an expressive communication tool for Japanese English learners - by Damian John Rivers
  • Seeking to enhance English reading at a Japanese high school - by Thomas Warren-Price

My Share

  • Poster sessions as an alternative to speeches - by Jean Kirschenmann
  • Utilizing a textbook for more effective reading: Spice up your reading session with pair chunk reading - by Brian Rubrecht

Book Reviews

  • Octopus Activities - Reviewed by John Nevara
  • Debating the Issues: Opposing Views on Value Topics - Reviewed by Jonathan Aleles

Member's Profile

  • Bill Zimmerman - by Damian Rivers


  • Advice for conference attendees - by Philip McCasland


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