The Language Teacher - Issue 31.4; April 2007

Volume: 31
Issue No. 4
Date of publication: April 2007
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Special Issue: My Share Activities

My Share Activities

  • Getting the class talking!
    - by Mark Coughlin
  • Using speaking prompts to improve accuracy
    - by Michael Kistler
  • Practicing negative dialogues
    - by Ian Walkinshaw
  • Sequence and order-for
    kids, too
    - by Richard Barber
  • Using limericks to introduce connected speech
    - by James Venema
  • Writing haiku to raise awareness of syllable breaks and reduce katakana pronunciation
    - by Howard Brown
  • The first day of class for young learners
    - by Justine Ross
  • Sports English: Play ball, run, or do something?
    - by Paul Hays & Jay Melton
  • Using authentic materials to develop reading skills and reading strategies
    - by Takako Kawabata
  • Marking 100 multiple-choice answers in about 20 seconds
    - by Annie Menard
  • Meaningful fun with dictation
    - by Blagoja Dimoski
  • A brief filler activity on voice inflection
    - by Paul Batten

TLT Wired

  • Educational Blogging 101
    - by Paul Daniels


  • Mami Ishikawa


  • Motivations and strategies of a successful Thai learner of English
    - by Suchada Nimmannit


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